The U.S. Government should subsidize video games

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The U.S. Government should subsidize video games

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Video games are by far one of the most useful in-door activities, and are far better than passively sitting in front of a TV.

Studies have even shown that video games even help people to be faster, more effective decision makers, an asset in the business world.

The U.S. Government already wastes millions of dollars on useless things, such as spending $3 million on walking shrimp on treadmills in 2011.

However, if that money were shifted to subsidizing video games, that would make video games more accessible to poorer people who would otherwise not have access to them. This would allow much more good to be done in the world, as video games enhanced the mental capabilities and hand eye coordination of those people, and thus those people could be more productive members of society.

In addition, shifting that money would mean less or even no additional taxes would have to be raised to fund the subsidizing.


The U S Government should subsidize video games

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But you dont understand the government IS trying to help. There is only so much money in the Prison systems budget. If the average felon only has a 6th through 8th grade education once they are in the system, dont you think that funding the GED program is a better use of money, than college classes?

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