Suggestion of Removal of faulty article

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Suggestion of Removal of faulty article

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Hello. I noticed you have linked an article detailing the research of Kawashima Ryuta ( ... es.schools) in 2001. Not only is this article outdated and 10 years old, but Mr. Kawashima has now gone on to disprove his own theory and say that "damage to the brain from video games is 100% impossible." 「テレビゲームにより脳が壊れることは100%ない」from his wikipedia ... 6%E5%A4%AA

Furthermore, Mr. Kawashima now supports video games and has put out his own Nintendo DS game. So if you would like to present your site as well-researched and up to date on current research, I suggest you take down the article. Since his research in 2001 was widely dismissed by others, it seems to hurt your claim more than help.

You can also check English wikipedia:

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Re: Suggestion of Removal of faulty article

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Mr. Kawashima is now a video game author, and now profits directly from them. For him to criticize video games would be a foolish business move on his part. Because of his direct personal gain on the matter, his opinions cannot be taken at face value. I'll investigate the matter further and add an addendum to the article post, or remove it entirely.

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Re: Suggestion of Removal of faulty article

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