World Health Organization: Video Games Addiction Can Be Classified As Mental Disorder

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World Health Organization: Video Games Addiction Can Be Classified As Mental Disorder

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Video Games Addiction Can Be Classified As Mental Disorder, Says World Health Organization; No Cure Suggested
3 February 2017, 9:08 pm EST By Regin Olimberio

Research results about Internet Gaming Disorder are becoming more tangible as 2017 saw a boom in scientific studies leading to concrete preliminary diagnosis about video games addiction. Recent studies suggest that video game addiction is a potential candidate for DSM-V or Diagnostic and Manual for Mental Disorders.

To counter the WHO draft, there is an open-access debate paper at ResearchGate which lambasted the inclusion of video game addiction into a disease category. The counter-argument pointed out that hardcore gamers can't be settled within the same category as those addicted to gambling or illegal substances.

Gaming disorder as a full-blown mental health condition problem can also lead to mass panic, the argument goes on. There are millions of children playing video games as part of a normal and healthy life, but will surely suffer the stigma should it be considered a disorder.

The research is titled "Video gaming in a hyperconnected world: A cross-sectional study of heavy gaming, problematic gaming symptoms, and online socializing in adolescents" and is available at ScienceDirect. It involves clear classifications of video game addiction from casual to long amount of time playing that allegedly deteriorates mental health.

Neither WHO nor the proponents of the research have set guidelines on how to effectively cure video game addition if it is indeed a disease. For the meantime, further research and studies are being made. A more detailed conclusion could be expected this year, but nothing is sure yet as more position papers are needed to substantiate either a positive or negative stance against video gaming.

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