College students battle video game addiction

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College students battle video game addiction

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College students battle video game addiction

Updated: 6:49 PM PST Feb 24, 2018
Abigail Elise
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Video game addiction is a real problem for some college students, but they're fighting it one day at a time.

Jordan Fleshman lost a full college scholarship to the University of Arkansas after spending too much time in front of the screen.

“Because I didn’t focus, because I didn't do the homework as much as I can, or even give as much effort as I should have been, I lost a full-ride scholarship," Fleshman said.

Like many addictions, it can quickly spiral out of control - so out of control that the World Health Organization is adding “video gaming disorder” as a mental health issue.

The disorder is characterized by prioritizing gaming over other activities and “out of control” playing.

Some hope that the recognized condition will help people struggling with the addiction.

"Individuals have some out. They have an opportunity for insurance companies to come in and provide treatment,” said Stephanie Lusk, assistant professor at the University of Arkansas.

Experts say playing video games too often can short-circuit the brains of young people, impeding their ability to develop problem-solving and coping skills.

However, other studies found that moderate gaming can be beneficial, improving children's learning skills, social skills, reading skills and basic math skills.

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