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Icon 11/25 18:09@30257: you're subhuman lmao. how does it feel not being entitled to or deserving of human rights?
Icon 11/25 18:06: omg I just realized this is shit backwards
Icon 11/25 18:05: fuck this shit
Icon 11/23 20:35: wtf
Icon 11/19 23:00: I will destroy all antigamers
Icon 11/19 01:54: '
Icon 11/16 13:53@30238: Fuck Biden. Senile old bastard
Icon 11/16 13:51: You should really sign up. you would fit right in here.
Icon 11/15 18:51: We must stop antigamers from banding together by destroying this site
Icon 11/13 21:23link
Icon 11/13 21:11@30256: You're same a those antifa.
Icon 11/13 10:02: gamers have scientifically been proven not to be considered living beings due to how clearly mentally challenged they are: link
Icon 11/13 10:01link >>> gamers do not deserve human rights
Icon 11/13 10:01: gamers are meaningless leeches who contribute nothing to society link
Icon 11/13 10:00link >> if we eliminated every single gamer off the face of this earth, the world would be a much better place
Icon 11/13 10:00: Join now you retarded idiot gamers >> link
Icon 11/13 09:59: gamers. are. subhuman. link
Icon 11/13 09:58: say it with me: gamers. do. not. deserve. human. rights! link
Icon 11/13 09:57link <<< join now fuckface gamers
Icon 11/13 09:48link <<< join here you stupid fuckface gamers
Icon 11/13 09:46link <<< join now
Icon 11/13 09:42: join here --->>>>> link
Icon 11/13 09:33: join --> link
Icon 11/13 09:30link
Icon 11/13 07:08: why ban games?
Icon 11/11 19:55: no can do, it's no nut november and i ain't jacking off to lolis.
Icon 11/11 18:02: You're too late. Better give up and go back to whacking off to cartoons.
Icon 11/10 20:14: this if fucking
Icon 11/10 12:51@30212: big gaming as a company doesn't exist
Icon 11/10 08:41: biden is also antigamer.
Icon 11/09 10:10: yay let the games continue
Icon 11/09 09:47: hey antigamers biden won
Icon 11/09 05:54: whats this
Icon 11/08 20:29@30233: That was a typo you stupid piece of shit go to hell
Icon 11/07 08:21@30228: that date's already passed gamer loser.
Icon 11/06 18:46: Anti gamers are stupid
Icon 11/05 21:08: This site is all bull shit
Icon 11/03 23:09@30229: Are you stupid? Biden is an antigamer. Whoever wins, antigamers won.
Icon 11/03 10:18: Antigamers are voting for Trump. If he wins again you know who to blame now
Icon 11/02 21:15: On Jan 1 2020 This site will be gone and I will claim victory for gamers everywhere
Icon 11/02 04:16link
Icon 11/01 06:54: Talk to botnet operators, they're good at messing this site, let them vote for trump or anyone you like.
Icon 10/30 22:12: There is nothing you anti gamers can do to stop it
Icon 10/30 22:11: I am talking to some of the most powerful hackers in the world
Icon 10/30 22:10: On Jan 1 2021 I will destroy this site
Icon 10/29 10:50: We need to frag antigamers in real life with real guns
Icon 10/27 03:52: who the fuck gives a shit about gamergate? We should focus why Mortal Kombat and DooM created these antigamers.
Icon 10/26 13:06@30211: you mean zoe quinn? Yeah #gamergate
Icon 10/25 09:44: and fuck all these fat, millennial, gen z, "vaping" trolling, faggot, no count gamers for their nothing but a pebble in my fucking shoe.
Icon 10/25 09:40: Yeah if that ain't greedy af I don't know what is. Fuck big gaming.
Icon 10/25 09:38: No one deserves to die - except people that make stupid games and screw journalists to get higher ratings and more money.
Icon 10/24 00:18: Antigamers are all losers that deserve to die
Icon 10/23 15:24: the real losers are the people who made this website
Icon 10/23 15:23: that definition is bullshit
Icon 10/23 12:03: I just beat the shit out of a gamer in the walmart parking lot. the runt just ran away, lol
Icon 10/22 11:59: Antigamers are literally Nazis
Icon 10/22 07:11: niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers
Icon 10/21 05:01: efheig
Icon 10/21 02:27@30200: Well said from a libtard.
Icon 10/20 09:44: don't beat people that's violent
Icon 10/20 09:42: lalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallala
Icon 10/19 16:04: I just beat the shit out of a gamer in the GameStop parking lot. Little bastard screamed like a bitch
Icon 10/19 10:29: Why hasn't this website been hacked yet? We cannot allow it to exist anymore
Icon 10/18 04:07: Hire a botnet operator to spam this website.
Icon 10/17 23:18: Kill all antigamers
Icon 10/16 03:52: Penx is to powerful to be kept alive we, gamers must destroy this website
Icon 10/16 00:36@30194: pee pee poo poo
Icon 10/15 07:51: lalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallala
Icon 10/15 03:18@30185: antigamer.com - training karens and soyboys since 2000s.
Icon 10/14 15:58: I just beat the shit out of three antigamers in the mcdonalds parking lot and all of them were crying lol
Icon 10/14 14:46: lalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallala
Icon 10/14 11:16: lalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallala
Icon 10/14 11:15: nope
Icon 10/13 20:32: If you have a "PlayStation" or "Xbox" console in your possession, destroy. They are creations of Satan himself and must be destroyed.
Icon 10/13 20:27: Antigamer.com- Making life hell for gamers.
Icon 10/13 20:24: If anyone you know has a gaming problem/addiction, direct them to this site.
Icon 10/13 19:29: Damn
Icon 10/13 18:20: I just beat the shit out of two antigamers on the street and they won't catch me cuz I had on a mask lol
Icon 10/13 12:18: lalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallalalallallala
Icon 10/13 11:07: spam this site
Icon 10/13 11:06: fuck this website
Icon 10/12 19:31: Bunch of cunt millennials
Icon 10/12 19:29: Gamer losers your all wasting your time, just as you waste it in your parents basement, alone.
Icon 10/12 16:15@30175: No, hire spambot operators. Trust me, it's even better.
Icon 10/11 20:36: We should all talk shit on the forum until antigamers give up and delete this site
Icon 10/11 20:36: Puto Madre piece of shit
Icon 10/11 17:19link <- Holy cow, let's hire operators of spambots and botnets instead from darkweb!
Icon 10/11 16:56@30171: Hilarious and Original
Icon 10/11 11:23: We must destroy the corrupt gaming industry today!
Icon 10/10 03:14link <- for all antigamers who make antigamer memes
Icon 10/09 18:55: this website is shit
Icon 10/09 08:23: Not all gamers play excessively
Icon 10/09 07:22: can yall just accept that games are good
Icon 10/09 07:21: yea