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Icon 10/26 13:06@30211: you mean zoe quinn? Yeah #gamergate
Icon 10/25 09:44: and fuck all these fat, millennial, gen z, "vaping" trolling, faggot, no count gamers for their nothing but a pebble in my fucking shoe.
Icon 10/25 09:40: Yeah if that ain't greedy af I don't know what is. Fuck big gaming.
Icon 10/25 09:38: No one deserves to die - except people that make stupid games and screw journalists to get higher ratings and more money.
Icon 10/23 12:03: I just beat the shit out of a gamer in the walmart parking lot. the runt just ran away, lol
Icon 10/06 21:33@30133: Yes! You're starting to get it. That nothing good can come of sitting on your ass all day playing games.