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Icon 04/14 19:18@30364: awwww, did momma karen tell you that?
Icon 04/05 09:04@30360: more like Shit-for-brains.
Icon 04/02 10:00@30357: I'm Mandy, and I approve of the message of Maundy Fools.
Icon 03/31 02:31@30354: Hoes mad!
Icon 03/26 19:27@30352: They already know, faggot.
Icon 03/24 06:09@30350: Why are antigamers always simp for antigamer feminists.
Icon 03/15 19:32@30348: Hoes mad!
Icon 03/13 17:50@30346: That's what antifa wants to do with nazis. Nice one, hypocrite.
Icon 03/08 21:52@30343: And you're here sharing your opinion of how patethic you are. Gamers kicked some billionaire asses unlike you snowflakes protesting like obnoxious sheeples.
Icon 03/06 20:30@30339: The reason hitler's a good guy.
Icon 03/06 20:26@30340: Coming from a sooyboy who hates videogaming. Gamers kicked billionaire asses on wall street with reddit.
Icon 03/03 21:58: Teach them how to survive like a boss.
Icon 03/03 21:57@30334: Yeah right. Most games can teach people.