What is a gamer?
Gamer - "gay-mer"
A person who plays video games excessively each and every day, regularly allowing all their free time to be consumed by this sole activity. These individuals often think they are of above average intelligence, but in reality, they have spent so much time rotting their minds that they are no longer capable of comprehending how stupid they have become. They are frequently quick to anger when losing on a video game, because they have lost the ability to fully differentiate between games and reality. Most gamers are socially deficient and have "geek" or "nerd" qualities. Gamers are most commonly virgins, and rarely have any contact with the opposite sex. In the extremely rare case that a gamer somehow acquires a girlfriend, she usually leaves him within a few weeks after she learns that he has condemned his life to failure due to his addiction to video games. As with all addicts, gamers deny their addiction, and instead allow their weak mind to believe the delusion that this activity is beneficial. - UrbanDictionary.com

If you play video games excessively every day, you're a gamer. If you don't maybe you're not a gamer. If you don't agree with this definition, you can go fuck yourself.

What is an antigamer?
Why did you create AntiGamer.com?
This loser gaymer finally decided to clean up his life.
Shouldn't you do the same?

Random Quote of the Moment:
05/28 22:14: "Numerous studies show gaming incresses hand/eye coordination" that has been proven to be true. games like splinter cell and resident evil help you to build skills when you are in a situation. world war games give players a wider view thatn the school book.

Yes, he really said that. You can't make up shit this stupid. Everyone make sure you play lots of Resident Evil so you're prepared the next time zombies take over your city.